Battle at the Comic Expo
Not all heroes are born heroic.

Book Art and Design

A lot of art and design went into making Battle at the Comic Expo, so Rick Andreoli pulled in two friends (and fellow comic nerds) Michele Miller Svengsouk and Frank Svengsouk to take on the job. Learn about Frank and Michele in this section.

NOTE: This book should not be confused with The Con Artist by Fred Van Lente


Book Art & Design


Cover illustration and logo designs by Michele Svengsouk

Michele Svengsouk has been an illustrator and designer for more than 20 years.  

She is a collector of (almost) everything that has to do with geek culture, and has worked on everything from iconic Disney characters to designing graphics for horror websites.

Currently the Creative Director for the independent media publisher Popularium, Michele developed and launched the company's overall visual identity, and continues creating and overseeing all of the site's story illustrations.

For her latest artwork, sketches and random photos, visit @mrsvengsouk on Instagram. 

Interior illustrations by Frank Svengsouk

Frank Svengsouk picked up a pencil at a very young age and never let go.  He's been fortunate to be able to take his love of cinema, comics, and pop culture and turn it into fodder for his art and career.

Frank has been working for more than 10 years at Disney, creating online content and website experiences.  He currently serves as an Art Director at Disney Interactive, where he has been involved in creating the websites for Mickey Mouse, Fairies, Tron, Cars, Toy Story, Brave and Frozen.

You can check out (and buy) some of Frank's art at

FUN FACT: Richard got ordained so that he could marry Frank and Michele

Book design by James Harless

James Harless doesn't like social media, and he doesn't promote his website. But he and Richard did work together on a number of media websites, specifically the men's review site TopKit, the women's "how to" portal Knoworthy, and pop culture hub First to Know.

Richard loved James' work, so he asked him to design Battle at the Comic Expo.