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Who Is Richard Andreoli?

Who is Richard Andreoli? Why do his friends call him Rick Andreoli but he goes by Richard in print and screen credits? (SPOILER ALERT: It's to make his mom happy.) If you want to know more about this Los Angeles-based writer, here's his brief bio.

Illustration by Steve Thompson.

About the Author

Illustration by  Steve Thompson

Illustration by Steve Thompson

Who Is Richard Andreoli?

Richard Andreoli is a writer living in Los Angeles. He’s written about educational programs at LA County Jail, crafted bitchy dialogue for nighttime soap operas, and launched numerous pop culture websites and online properties. Before all that, he worked for Comic-Con International: San Diego (San Diego Comic-Con). He volunteered in their registration, treasury, and events departments, and later produced their monthly member magazine.

In his spare time, he likes to run away with the circus. You can learn about all that crazy stuff at

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